Announcing the SAVI Book Club!

Calling all singers, actors and learners! Join me and learn the secrets of SAVI singing-acting this fall as a member of the SAVI Book Club. Email me to become a member and receive a chapter a week from now til Christmas!

The SAVI System of Singer-Actor Training is, of course, the performance pedagogy that I’ve developed over the course of 40+ years of work in academia and professional musical theater.

I’m thrilled to report that my long-awaited book, The SAVI Singing Actor, is now available in a “beta version” that I’m using in a class at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia this fall. The statements that I’ve made over and over in the classroom have been distilled into axioms, and the discoveries that seemed especially promising have been refined into techniques and procedures that can be followed to achieve consistently reliable results. My new book brings together the concepts and exercises that are the heart of the SAVI System into a convenient and usable volume.

This is your chance to join me and my UArts students as we work through The SAVI Singing Actor chapter by chapter over the coming weeks. Each week in class, I’ll be working through a new chapter of the book, soliciting feedback from readers about their revelations, questions, comments and confusions. For students in my class, this will be accompanied by first-hand experience of the exercises and activities described in the book. However, there’s a way for you to participate in this process, regardless of where you live or what past experience you’ve had in singing-acting.

If you choose to join us, you’ll get a PDF of a new chapter each week, along with invitations to the online discussions and real-time conversations. In return for your participation and feedback, your name will appear in the Acknowledgements and you’ll get a FREE copy of the finished book!

There’ll be a new post for each chapter with a place for your comments and an online discussion of the material right here on the site. In addition, I’ll be hosting online video chats every few weeks where you can join me to share your questions and discoveries starting in October.

Whether you’re familiar with the SAVI System or you’re a newcomer encountering it for the first time, I bet you’ll find this online book club instructive, stimulating and exciting! Please email me at if you’d like to participate.