“I nailed it!”

Yours truly as Benjamin Stone in "Follies" at the Prince Music Theater, 2009

Yours truly as Benjamin Stone in “Follies” at the Prince Music Theater, 2009

Every singing actor knows the exhilaration of a perfectly executed performance. You find the ideal balance of preparation and passion, and the result is a magic moment for you and your audience.

If you’re as passionate about musical theater performance as I am, you know the gut-wrenching feeling of a blown audition or performance, and realize how crucial it is for you be in top form every time you take the stage. Whether you’re onstage, in rehearsal or in an audition, you want to be able to deliver great work every time and feel the pleasure of having “nailed it.”

Is something standing between you and the success you crave on the musical stage?

  • Does your work feel “hit or miss,” haphazard and unreliable when it comes time to present?
  • Does your performance lack the ring of truth, the essential quality of authenticity?
  • Do you find that good singing and good acting technique seem at odds with one another?
  • Do you find that your work is too general, and lacks convincing and memorable details?
  • Does the pressure of performance cause you to “go blank” and forget what you’d prepared?

Whether you’re an aspiring pro, a college student, or even a high school student with dreams of success as a singing actor, I can offer you vital information that will turn the ordinary into extraordinary and change “good enough” into “so good they can’t ignore you.”

Generations of aspiring singing actors have turned to me to provide this information for over thirty years. My students are in Broadway shows, the West End, regional theaters, national tours – everywhere that professional singing actors perform. I train college students and present workshops and clinics all over the world. Learn more about me here.

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