Reboot Your Repertoire!

The first course of The SAVI Academy is a four week program designed to supercharge that song you thought you knew!

Charlie and D’Arcy introduce the SAVI Academy.

Those of us who live for the thrill of making musical theater are having a hell of a moment. Broadway is dark, and rehearsals and classes are a distant memory. We’re isolated in our homes, feeling rusty, disconnected, and unsure about our choices. 

What now?

They say the neon lights aren’t bright…

First and foremost, don’t lose faith! Nothing in the span of human history has ever stopped us from telling stories or from lifting up our voices, and quite frankly, exceptional times demand that we do. You are an artist. Nothing will stop or change that. 

If you’re a singing actor struggling to move ahead, or a teacher or coach working with singing actors at this challenging moment, the SAVI Academy is here to help.

The SAVI Academy offers courses and other resources based on the transformative power of the SAVI System. In this innovative approach to training singing actors, Specificity, Authenticity, Variety and Intensity are the keys you’ll use to unlock unique, explosively expressive, game-changing performances for stage or screen. 

This is your chance to study SAVI online,

  • in the convenience of your home
  • from anywhere in the world
  • at a time that’s convenient for you

when you enroll in our first-ever course, REBOOT YOUR REPERTOIRE.

Do you have a song in your binder that’s due for a makeover? Something that’s grown dull you’re ready to sharpen? Or do you feel like you have a perfect piece, but you’re never able to perform it the same way twice?  Are you ready to spend a month in the stimulating company of some new artists and some new ideas?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then you’re ready to Reboot Your Repertoire in a new class from the SAVI Academy that starts in just a few weeks!

In a series of pre-recorded lessons and live online master classes based on the effective techniques of the SAVI System, you’ll find ways to supercharge a song you thought you knew. And in as little as one month, you’ll not only have a new performance of your song on video, but a whole new toolkit of techniques you can apply to the next song, and the one after that!

Reboot Your Repertoire includes access to:

  • Four weeks worth of recorded lessons and practice videos
  • Four weeks of assignments with instructor and peer critiques
  • Live weekly online forums for discussion, Q&A, and sharing work
  • The structure and accountability of a formalized educational environment 
  • All course materials, including The SAVI Singing Actor text, the SAVI cards, handouts and other valuable resources 
  • A community of brave, bold, and diverse artists from all over the world to collaborate with and learn from 
  • The knowledge that you’re helping support our designated non-profit organization, the Youth Art and Self-Empowerment Project here in Philadelphia, who will receive ten percent of all course revenues.

We won’t require you to purchase any extra equipment; you only need two devices that connect to the internet. (Phone, tablet or laptop – any two will do!) We’ll walk you through the apps we’ll use, and coach you along the way to get the most out of the tech you’ve got.

The cost of the pilot version of Reboot Your Repertoire is only $197. (The price is likely to go up in the future, so if you like a bargain, don’t miss this opportunity.) And think about it: What are you paying now for voice lessons and coachings? What is it costing you to sit idle as your skills grow rusty during your quarantine gap year?

We’re so confident about your results that we guarantee your satisfaction. That’s right! We guarantee that if you do the assignments and follow the steps presented in Reboot Your Repertoire, your final performance will be visibly better than your initial presentation. And if you don’t agree, we’ll refund the tuition you paid.

Still have questions? Chat with D’Arcy and me live on Zoom, where we’ll be holding a demonstration and Q&A about the course on Monday evening, July 13 at 4pm EST.

What are you waiting for? Classes begin on Monday, July 20. You’ve got til July 15 to sign up. 

See you in class!

P.S. The SAVI Academy offers scholarship slots for BIPOC participants, at least one full tuition scholarship in each class. You also qualify for a discount if you were referred by a participating teacher, or if you enroll with a friend. Fill out the registration form and you’ll be contacted with details!

Meet the SAVI Academy faculty!

Charlie Gilbert is the author of The SAVI Singing Actor and the creator of the SAVI System of Singer-Actor Training. He started the Musical Theater Program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and headed it for nearly 20 years. Charlie is a writer, composer and director whose original works for the musical stage include Assassins, source of the idea for Sondheim’s Tony Award-winning musical of the same name.

D’Arcy Webb is an award-winning teacher and performance coach who has taught at the University of the Arts and Drexel University. For more than two decades, she’s helped actors, performers, corporate executives, authors and speakers use their voices to connect with audiences around the world with power, eloquence and heart.

Charlie and D’Arcy have more to say about the SAVI Academy in this video!

What those who know are saying about SAVI!

THE SAVI SINGING ACTOR offers students and teachers an easy-to-grasp approach to some of the most common challenges singing actors face. In a series of handy exercises, loaded with mnemonic devices that make these techniques easy to understand and apply, author Charles Gilbert dissects and delivers the SAVI techniques in ways that translate quickly to classroom study and performance. Long a leader in Musical Theatre pedagogy, Charles Gilbert has finally delivered an essential text that belongs on every serious teacher’s shelf. His ideas and exercises are certain to find their way into your studio, as they have mine.

Joe Deer, Distinguished Professor of Musical Theatre, Chair, Department of Theatre, Dance and Motion Pictures, Wright State University; Author, Acting in Musical Theatre, Directing in Musical Theatre

I’ve known Charlie Gilbert — as a producer, performer and pedagogue, as artist, academician and administrator — for 25 years, and his SAVI tools are a perfect bridge to 21st century storytelling in musical theatre.

Forrest McClendon (Tony Nominee, The Scottsboro Boys; Lunt Fontanne Fellow; Barrymore Award Winner)

The act of singing one’s thoughts is unnatural and yet, when done well, it’s the most powerful form of expression. Great musical actors have therefore always seemed a sort of enigma. We marvel at their ability to transition seamlessly from spoken dialogue into singing and back again—all without really knowing how they do it. That is, until now. The SAVI technique has finally demystified this art form. It is a codified and accessible technique for any person wanting to learn the skill of great musical storytelling. For myself, it has been an invaluable part of my success as both a performer and a coach. It is my anchor when building a performance of any new song. It ensures that my choices are beat-by-beat specific, authentic to my own truth, interestingly varied, and intensely powerful.

Kelli Barrett, singer, actress and coach (Fosse/Verdon, Doctor Zhivago)

Charlie Gilbert’s groundbreaking book gives any teacher, student, or professional artist a clear, step-by-step method! Using exercises that train and condition Specificity, Authenticity, Variety, and Intensity, anyone can now become “The SAVI Singing Actor!”

Lara Teeter, Professional Actor/Singer/Dance, Professor of Theatre, Head of Musical Theatre at the Webster Conservatory of Theatre Arts. 

A thorough and clear journey through the art of preparing both the singer and the song. The SAVI method is laid out in fun, easy-to-follow steps that illuminate the process of singing music theatre songs. 
The author draws from diverse sources and adds memorable axioms of his own to make this process both relatable and profound. With unique, original etudes and exercises, this is a valuable resource for anyone who teaches or performs in the music theatre.

Tracey Moore, Author, Acting the Song, Professor of Theater, The Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford

SAVI works, folks – It’s so ingrained in me now, I can’t remember how I practiced without it! It allows for a smart, sustainable practice and performance while still nurturing and embracing the specific unique qualities within. I will always happily return to SAVI and revisit that “ding”, even now. Thank you, Charlie. “

Clare O’Malley (Off-Broadway; Irish Repertory Theater, Nora Clitheroe in The Plough and the Stars; Delaware Theater Company, the title role in Saint Joan)