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Thanks for visiting the Book Extras page for The SAVI Singing Actor! If you’d like to leave an online review for the book on Amazon, this link will take you to the appropriate spot. You can also post your feedback and questions in the comments area at the bottom of this page. I’m eager to hear from you and I promise to respond; I’ll also be building an FAQ here as I hear from readers.

Sheet music for SAVI √Čtudes, which includes the piano-vocal version of “I’ll Be Known,” is a free download at the SAVI Store! Click here to download “I’ll Be Known” by itself.

The “SAVI Tracks for Practice” playlist below includes the following:

  • “Aught of Art,” a song that includes all twelve monophthongs (p. 60 and 263), in high, medium and low keys
  • “The Quick Brown Fox,” a song for working on diction (download the music here)
  • “Do Re Do,” a vocal exercise for breath control (p. 141). If the solfege is a problem, sing “One Two One” and so on.
  • Five steps up and down, legato. This vocalise uses the first five notes of the major scale, ascending quickly in sixteenth notes and descending in legato quarter notes. Three different speeds, for high or low voices.
  • Five steps up and down, staccato. The same pattern, but on the descent, sing two staccato eighth notes on each pitch.
  • “More and more,” an etude that uses a pattern of ascending and descending thirds over the range of an octave. (p. 264) Three different speeds.
  • “Mirror Canon,” an etude that is described in the book on p. 101 as the “Five Note Phrase.” This is the version with four beats in each phrase; the book also describes a version with six beats in each phrase.
  • “Descending Thirds,” (p. 146), a simple vocalise that I usually have students sing on the five vowels “Meh, mee, mah, moh, moo.”

If you use the Soundcloud app, you can play these directly from the app. More SAVI Tracks are in the works!

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