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Yours truly as Benjamin Stone in "Follies" at the Prince Music Theater, 2009
Yours truly as Benjamin Stone in “Follies” at the Prince Music Theater, 2009

The SAVI Singing Actor is where people who love performing in musicals can find resources to improve their skills and artistry. Serious singing actors come here to find tools, training, tips, inspiration and insight that will enable them to perform better.

Does this describe you and what you’re looking for? Then I’ve built this site for you!

Are you passionate about musicals? I am! All sorts of musicals – new ones, old ones, big ones, small ones, wonky obscure ones and iconic popular ones. I write them, compose them, direct them and teach singing actors how to perform them, and I’ve been doing all those things for quite a while, mostly at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, but also at other schools in the US, the UK and Europe.

One of my biggest thrills is seeing actors I coached and directed deliver successful performances, in the studio and on stage in front of an audience. When a song from a musical is well-performed, it’s a rush for everyone, the singer, the audience, even the teacher!

Jamie4I’ve taught hundreds of students in college classes, workshops and master classes, but I also know there are thousands more – professionals as well as students and teachers – who love musicals and want to do them well, or do them better, and that I have tools to help them.

The SAVI System of Singer Actor training has been developed over the past twenty years, and has helped countless performers bring greater Specificity, Authenticity, Variety and Intensity to their work onstage. It’s helped them to understand the craft of singing-acting and the skills and techniques that must be acquired through patient, persistent practice.

As you explore this site, you’ll find all sorts of valuable information, including:

Janet2TOOLS: Step-by-step procedures you can follow that will take your performance skills to new levels of excellence, presented on video and via text.
TRAINING: Technique demonstrations, warmup videos, habit building, practice tracking, and other resources that will help you train like an athlete, building solid technique and productive habits.
TIPS: Different kinds of material present different challenges for the singing actor. Master them all with these ideas from an educator with 30+ years of experience in the field!
INSPIRATION: Interviews and podcasts with accomplished pros, a curated selection of the best ideas on the web, and everything you need to put your heart in the art.
INSIGHT: What is the “state of the art” in today’s musical theater? What repertoire is hip? What opportunities are hot? Navigate the mainstream and the indie scene with insights from an experienced pro.

Whether you’re a student, a teacher or a working pro, you’ll find valuable insight and inspiration on this site. Plus, the comments section of each post gives you the opportunity to connect with other users from around the world. Seriously, it’s a resource you’ll want to have at your fingertips, and with weekly updates delivered to your email inbox, it couldn’t be more convenient.

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