SAVI Cards




The SAVI System features exercises and procedures that develop your ability to create expressive behavior and coordinate it with a musical score. SAVI Cards are an innovative training aid to be used in those exercises.

SAVI Cards are like “having a musical theater coach in a box!” in the words of one recent workshop participant. Each card contains a single idea, expressed in a word, phrase, image and/or icon, that the singing actor can use to stimulate or provoke more specific and creative choice-making during the course of a rehearsal or performance.

When you bring your SAVI Cards into the practice room or the rehearsal process, it’s like having a coach or director on hand to say, “Now here’s an idea: what if you tried to do this in the next moment or phrase?” SAVI cards were designed to serve and inspire you in every part of your work cycle – the practice room, the classroom and the rehearsal room!