Welcome to The SAVI Singing Actor!

This site has been a while in arriving, but if you’re reading this, you’re probably among my first visitors, and it’s my pleasure to welcome you and fill you in on what this site intends to be.

I’ve spent my entire professional life, nearly four decades, making musicals and training people to perform in them. I’ve taught at universities (most recently, at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, which has been my home base for over twenty years), helped to found a professional organization (the Musical Theater Educators Alliance), and taught clinics and master classes at conferences and schools in the United States and Europe. This website “The SAVI Singing Actor” is an opportunity for me to extend those efforts, a way of reaching out to the growing community of singing actors and share that knowledge with fellow enthusiasts.

I envision this site growing into a leading resource for serious singing actors, a place where you’ll find useful tools and valuable information and make contact with others who share your passion for performing in musicals. I encourage you to join the SAVI mailing list by entering your email address in the widget on the right; that way, you’ll get regular updates from me delivered directly to your inbox. I also hope you’ll make comments and respond to the posts you find here; I’m eager to get the conversation started and find more ways that this site can be a useful resource for you.

I know it’ll take a little while to get things going, but I have big ambitions for this site. I take inspiration from the lyrics of Dorothy Fields, who wrote: “It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.” No matter what happens, I know “The SAVI Singing Actor” will be at the heart of my professional endeavors for the next decade.

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