SAVI Teacher Training Workshop

Coming Soon: SAVI in the Classroom

An online class for musical theater teachers

The SAVI System of Singer-Actor Training is a powerful new pedagogy for training musical theater performers that was developed over forty years working with singing actors in the rehearsal room and the classroom.

It is a practical, “savvy” approach to building essential skills and crafting a performance with clarity, meaning and impact. Built on proven training concepts from theater, music, dance, sports and the emerging field of expert performance, SAVI complements a wide range of singing and acting methodologies.

If you’re read my book The SAVI Singing Actor or own a set of SAVI Cards, you already know that SAVI is an acronym for the four key attributes of effective singing acting – Specificity, Authenticity, Variety and Intensity. You may have heard me say that the job of the singing actor is to create behavior that communicates the dramatic event phrase by phrase, and that it’s necessary to work on the singer as well as the song.

But even if you’ve encountered these fundamental concepts of SAVI Singing Acting, you’re probably wondering how to introduce and incorporate this pedagogy into classroom instruction, lessons and rehearsal.

If you’re interested in expanding your teaching toolkit and finding new ways to help your students and clients create more successful performances, I’ll be offering an online workshop for teachers who want to use SAVI in the Classroom later this spring.

The workshop will include demonstrations of exercises, proposed lesson plans, and examples drawn from the class I’m teaching this spring at Drexel University.

To help me serve you better, will you take two minutes to respond to this short survey? I want to pick the time and format that will be convenient for as many of you as possible. I’ll be collecting survey responses through the beginning of April, after which I’ll make an announcement and open registration for the class.