SAVI Saturday = Success!

SAVI Saturday, the workshop we held on Saturday, June 15 at Music Theatre Philly, was a huge success! 

The young participants pictured here are engaged in a series of exercises using SAVI Cards, the unique practice tool I designed to be used in tandem with my book, The SAVI Singing Actor. Saturday’s workshop was the debut appearance of the newly-redesigned Premier Edition of SAVI Cards, which are as effective as they are attractive!

That dynamic woman in the snappy blue shoes is my partner-in-crime and producer of SAVI Singing Actor. Singing onstage ain’t for the faint of heart. Musical theatre performance is a full-body challenge, and D’Arcy really helped to put our trainees through their paces!

SAVI was created to help singing actors practice better and perform better. You know how they say, “Practice makes perfect?” Well, it’s true! The SAVI Singing Actor and SAVI Cards give serious singing actors new ways to practice and prepare a song for performance.

Thanks to the time we spent together at Music Theatre Philly, these young artists now have a leg up on their skills as singing actors. Now the SAVI Team is off to Lincoln, NE, home of the International Thespian Festival, to offer two workshops — “Practice Better to Perform Better” and “Ding It Before You Sing It”— and introduce the Thespian community to the magic of the SAVI System. Their theme this year is “Your place to shine,” and we’re ready to do just that!